This route is suitable for a short evening walk or to stretch your legs after arrival 

After leaving the property, turn left towards the village church.  Continue along the church wall, turn left again until you see the former agricultural cooperative buildings on the left behind the veterinary practice.  You pass the gate, which is usually closed (but only for cars).

The concrete path leads you past the paddocks and small meadows on the left and now run-down agricultural co-op stables on your right to a small crossroads.  Follow the old path made of concrete slabs twice to the left and enter the village again.

Just before the village sign, you can pick plums in late summer.  The paths are rarely used, twice a day the villagers take their horses to the paddock.  If your dog is interested in free-roaming cats (they sometimes scurry through the village) or is not yet familiar with horses, it is advisable to keep your four-legged friend leashed.